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Jeremy Waite

** 100% of the profits of my book "From Survival to Significance" will be donated to This allows 5 primary school children to learn an hour of coding and computer science for each book sold ** Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jeremy and I'm a marketing strategist from the UK. I never planned on writing a book. I originally wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it took me running my own brand consultancy to realise that I wasn’t cut out for it. Seeking to work with brands on a mission instead, I moved to London, and spent time at Phones 4U, Adobe, Google and Facebook, before eventually landing my dream job at Salesforce. When I am not travelling around Europe talking to executives about purpose driven brands, digital transformation or the future of philanthropy, you will find me collecting old business books, racing my bike around Richmond Park or drinking good bourbon. You can reach me on Twitter @JeremyWaite or follow the conversation using the hashtag #SignificantBrand