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Jermaine Andre

---CURRENT TASKS --- -Mixed Martial Arts Educationists & Specialty Trainer -Youth Development Professional -Mental Toughness, Life, and Self Empowerment Coach -Law Enforce/Security Defensive Tactics & Ethics Instructor Youth Development Specialist ---CREDENTIALS--- -United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 inductee (titled: 1st MMA Master) -Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2020 inductee (titled: Living Martial Arts Legend) -2x World Champ -5x U.S. Champ -UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Vet -Retired Pro Athlete -Retired Extreme Risk International BodyGuard -National Speaker at Universities, Churches, Public+Private Schools, Detention Centers, Businesses, Youth Groups etc... Topics: REDEMPTION, RESILIENCE, RESPECT, PRISON REFORM, COMMUNITY/CITIZEN SAFETY, SECURITY, TEAM EMPOWERMENT, SELF-MASTERY, The INDESTRUCTIBLE POWER of KINDNESS, more... -Documented Street Cred: "EXTREME AT RISK YOUTH" w/ LETHAL STREET COMBAT teen life *Age 18: 6 years prison 1yr solitary = SELF DISCOVERY