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John Michael - Creator of the provocative NYX/Nine graphic novels and the Jena Veev comic book series ..... The chronicles of NYX/Nine is near future series of accounts of the Black Ops team led by Nine. Her nickname is based on ancient Greek mythology. Among enemies she is referred to as NYX Goddess of Night [ Mother of Death ] ..... The Jena Veev comic series is a post-war, post-pandemic future. Inspired by The Blade Runner, stories such as Sin City, and film noir! ..... Jena Veev 1 (You'll Die Happy) is a special first issue. Brand new character. Brand new story line. Great new style. A collector's issue ..... Jena Veev is named after the main character and is set in the not too distant future... a future of discontent and desperation, of roaming gangs and vigilantes, of cruel politicians and war lords, of bleak existence ..... But a future of hope.