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Image of Author Aleta Karstad and Frederick W. Schueler

Aleta Karstad and Frederick W. Schueler

Frederick W. Schueler and Aleta Karstad have been a biologist-artist team for nearly forty years. When not on an expedition, they reside in Bishops Mills, Ontario, Canada. Fred and Aleta spend most of their time documenting, in one way or another, everything they see, do, and think. You will find them engaged full time in measuring, databasing, painting, drawing, journaling, blogging, e-mailing... and now self-publishing. Their subjects of interest range from the edible herbs that grow in their yard, to poetry, to satirical definitions of words and terms, to fine art and biological illustration, to numerical taxonomy, species at risk, and tracking invasions of introduced plants and animals. They love to teach what they know, and show people what they've found. Fred and Aleta have finally discovered what they want to do when they grow up - write books about everything!