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Timothy A. Wilkerson

Timothy A. Wilkerson has been practicing alchemical astrology, studying herbal alchemy, and creating spagyric preparations, since 1984. He attended Paracelsus Research College, Prima Class, in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the guidance of Dr. Albert Richard Riedel (Frater Albertus). At the International Alchemy Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, he spoke on a discussion panel in 2007 and taught a workshop on alchemical astrology in 2008. He spoke at the 2013 NW Alchemy Conference, in Redmond Washington, and at the Rocky Mountain Alchemy Conference in Denver, Colorado in 2016. He also presented an introduction to practical herbal alchemy and spagyrics at the annual Midwest Herb Fest, 2007-2019. Timothy has taught meditation since 1969, and during that time has facilitated 3 meditation retreats.