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Qamrul Khanson

Come and share my knowledge and expertise in Dairy and Food Safety by studying The Book "An Introduction to HACCP" where it would enrich your professionalism by adding value to Food Safety measures in your responsibilities as a Food Processing and Production Manager. Be religious and read my books about Islam, be tolerant of others and give dignity to every human irrespective of diversities in culture, religion and ethnicity. Read commonalities among Jews, Christians and Muslims. Read the prefaces of all the books by visiting to equip yourself to face the challenges in the world. Come and be with me if you want to know about Spirituality, to know about Islam and want to be a Global citizen of this world. My books, inculcate a way to valuable existence in this world by which you are a model of humanity. No one is perfect but we strive to be perfect through learning and valuing others.