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Jackson Snyder

Jackson Snyder has been serving Yahweh as a pastoral minister, sacred musician, Bible teacher, and missionary, now for almost 50 years. He was called to preach as a youth during A. A. Allen's miracle ministry meeting of Detroit in 1967. Now in his 70s, he's teaching Hebrew Roots and Biblical Studies Online with an emphasis on the history of Nazarene Israel, the earliest form of the Jesus Movement. Snyder received his Bachelor degree magna cum laude from Indiana University followed by Master of Divinity cum laude from Emory University, then he was awarded a church Doctorate (DHL) by the Wesley Synod in Toledo. He was ordained in the United Methodist Church and is founder of The Vero Essene Yahad ( and New Earth Restoration Network ( The Yahad is an equal opportunity ministry working to develop spiritual and educational opportunities for the post-Christian audience, including over 2,000 presentations on the subjects of religion, theology, and history and the daily hour "Jackson Snyder Presents." The Yahad also offers online services each Shabbat and for all Hebrew Festivals, and biblical presentations of the various Yahad ministry members and pastoral partners. Snyder and the Yahad also finance two Hebrew Roots schools, one primary, one secondary, for the children of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Contact us at