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Theories In Practice

There just isn't enough cyberpunk out there. And if you do find it then it usually isn't scary enough. What I do I do for me foremost. I write what I want to read. Then of course it's for the cyberpunks. I call my fans horrorpunks. The difference between horror fans and horrorpunks is horror fans are called splatterpunks. So are you a horrorpunk? I'm a writer from the Northwest that's determined to do things his way. If you want real fantasy/horror/cyberpunk then this is the ticket. I write in a unique format, using novellas in a different way to be what I dub "Concept Books". They're more of an artform than novellas. They're like nothing out there. My influences are wide and many. Numerous ideas went into this. I'm certain there is nothing as original as my work. Try it and you'll understand what I mean. It's a headtrip!