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Threefold Lotus Kwoon

The Threefold Lotus Kwoon is a school of Humanities founded on Quantum Life Buddhist principles of a value creating life. People of all disciplines are welcomed here in a place with rolling hills and a nurturing environment of a select few for opportunity to grow and experience fully the "essential creative core". You don't have to be a Buddhist to be a painter or sculptor. It is not necessary for you to be a Martial Artist in order to understand Buddhism. Being an Artist does not make you a Martial Artist. But the opportunity to "cross-polinate" all these is very powerful. To be a Martial Artist is to have a deep appreciation of movement, balance, and expression. To be an artist is to have a keenly discerning eye, a deep appreciation of form, balance, and expression. To be a Buddhist is to have a dedicated awareness and a deep appreciation for life, equanimity, and expression. You may chose only one path among these, and yet you will learn all three.