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Linda Corby

Linda Corby is an author/screenwriter who writes from the heart, she believes in sharing whatever knowledge one possess with others from all walks of life to make a better future for all. For example her book 'Zoom into Profit' that was written at the request of the Careers section of her local Social Security Department and as Linda is a third generation entrepreneur she is very well positioned to show you what entrepreneurs actually do and how their minds work. Place of birth: London UK (Spent her childhood in Stoughton, West Midlands, England) (Now lives on Jersey in the Channel Islands). Family Status: Linda is married to Brian Corby a Jerseyman whose Grandmother on his mother’s sides maiden name was De Gruchy. They have two children Clarissa and April. Not including miscarriages they lost two children Benjamin to a cot death at four and a half months and Natasha to cancer at twelve years of age. Linda has two grandsons by her eldest daughter Clarissa who lives in Australia.