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Luca Volpe

Without doubt, Luca Volpe is one of the most valued Italian mentalists in the world. The famous entertainer Neal Scryer, has described him as “The Rembrandt of mentalism”. This is thanks to collaborations with famous mentalists worldwide and his publications, which have received much praise and many awards. The famous “chair test routine” has sold over 15,000 copies and is a prized piece in the repertoire of many professional mentalists. Consultant and performer, Luca Volpe is able to transform your event into an unforgettable moment, thanks to his unique presentation and style he is one of the most requested performers for corporate shows, galas, promotional and prestigious events. Westin Hotels, Royal Caribbean International, MSC Cruises, Ferrero, BMW and Endemol are just a few clients Luca Volpe has worked for. Luca Volpe "IL MENTALISTA ITALIANO"