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Lyndia Glover

Lyndia Glover is the author of numerous murder & mystery short story books. Her love of cats and mysteries inspired her to develop the main character for her books: Detective Cheerie. He is exactly like a very special cat Lyndia adopted (Cheerie). Sadly, he passed away. Detective Cheerie is a large male cream colored cat. He is a detective with Scotland Yard. He has an uncanny knack for finding clues and evidence in murder cases. Cheerie's human (Bentley Brighton) is a writer of murder mystery novels. FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK! is the first book in the continuing series. It includes the unusual way in which Bentley meets Cheerie. Characters and names are fictitious. Books are Copyrighted. Detective Cheerie not only solves mysterious murders in London but, he has worked to solve murder cases worldwide! His reputation is known by criminals and he is feared by them! The game is afoot!