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Magic Smoke Electronics

Magic Smoke Electronics was founded way back in 2005 by Tim Parkhurst and John Mahoney, two synthesizer aficionados involved in do-it-yourself synthesizer electronics. MSE now features designs and publications by well-known DIY expert, Thomas Henry. Mr. Henry decided to close his own DIY outlet in 2005 to pursue other interests, and is now teaching full time. However, there was still a great deal of interest in his work and after an introduction from a mutual friend, Thomas agreed to let Magic Smoke take over distribution of selected Midwest Analog products. Along with our own designs and publications, we'll be distributing Mr. Henry's "cookbook" series of DIY books including Making Music with the 566, Making Music with the 3080, The Electronic Drum Cookbook, and the Noise Circuits Cookbook. Magic Smoke Electronics is also producing synthesizer PCBs for various synth modules, including the famous Mankato VCF. Visit our web site at, or "Like" us on Facebook. Thanks!