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Michael Kelly

A runecaster and storyteller, passionate about Norse and Celtic history, mythology, magic and folklore. Michael Kelly is author of the Draconian series of initiatory texts (Apophis, Aegishjalmur and Dragonscales), as well as the biography of English shaman and folk magician Dusty Miller. He has also retold several Celtic folktales in his own unique style in a collection titled 'For Fear of Little Men'. He possesses a vulgar and anarchic sense of humour and a love of the heroic fantasy genre, which unite in the hilarious series of Damsels novels (Rampant Damsels, Damsels in Arms and the forthcoming Damsels Go Down). Michael is currently also writing an account of vampire and werewolf tales from documented European history, seeking to restore true horror and dread to these legendary creatures which have become far too soft and humanised in contemporary literature and cinema.