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Marc Kenneth Griffin

Marc K. Griffin is 'The BulletBall Guy' known across the globe as a meme for never ever giving up even in the face of failure. His faith has led him on an amazing adventure to discover the meaning of love, happiness, and living a life full of dreams. Without Dreams we reach nothing. Without Love we feel nothing. Without God we are nothing. ENDLESS DREAMS is a story about growth, self-awareness, and finding happiness. HEART ATTACK is a true story of faith, love, and survival in the wilderness. Marc's 3rd book in the Endless Dream series is ALWAYS YOU Diary Of A Black Man's Love. A story about love for his wife, the love of music, and the love of hiking mountains. And how all three are intertwined in his search for happiness and his desire to live the dream. ALWAYS YOU is a story about a man's love for his wife.