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Marcus T. Bentley

Born in Albany, Georgia, Marcus T. Bentley's father is a pastor and his mother is an educator. He has a beautiful, loving, and supportive wife, Crystal, who has been his rock and unwavering motivation. He has two beautiful children, Alexander and Arianna. From an early age, Bentley has always been a writer (his parents commonly saw books, poems, songs, and small plays all around the house). He always focused on impacting the lives of the people he met, no matter their status. Early in life, Bentley heavily pursued a career in music while working as a server and bartender. At the age of 25, Bentley worked as a kitchen manager at a popular chain restaurant for several years. He used his leadership skills to inspire others to perform at their best continually and always keep a laugh in their lungs. Years later, at the age of 29, Bentley enlisted in the United States Army. As a highly decorated Human Resources Sergeant, he has helped multiple Soldiers enroll in school and pursue their personal and professional goals. Bentley believes that even with hard work, without knowledge, many will never reach their true potential. The primary aim of all his books is to help as many people as he can, not impress anyone. If more failures gave speeches, there would be fewer failures. Because he has failed numerous times, he made a pact with himself to always tell THE SHORT VERSION, so people don't have to figure it out the hard way or read the long version. Read and Succeed.