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Mark Castleberry

Mark Castleberry has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy fan since childhood. He grew up on a lake in Alabama, wanting to write since high school. All the characters and stories have been lodged in his head for many years and writing them down for most of his life never having anything published, until the Internet opened up and self-publishing became an option. Now he resides in Missouri with his wife and two cats. He now writes a very imaginatively, fast-paced series of books and stories with Christian influences that just may leave you breathless. His books contain Christian morals and values, and the tales weaved into it come from the Bible. In addition to writing books and stories for the young adult audience, he runs the Stranger and Pilgrims Podcast, which host old time radio stories and audio dramas that can open up your imagination. You can follow the author on several social media sites as well as his website at