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Bristol Folk Publications/The Record Press

BFP is a small (but perfectly flawed), independent publisher that takes care over its books, publishing when it feels like it rather than pampering to market fads or imploring letters from its bank manager. Quality, rather than quantity, is the watchword and BFP's manifesto is simple: to publish books about Bristol and books written by Bristolians (and adopted Bristolians). Doubtless it will go under soon. Both the owner, Mark Jones, and the publishing company have won ARSC Research Excellence Awards for work in recorded music history. 'The Immediate Discography: the First Twenty-Five Years' won the awards in 2017, whilst 'The B&C Discography: 1967-1974' was nominated in 2014. BFP has also reissued the highly-popular set of adventure novels by Shirehampton-based author, Hal Jons. These are published in partnership with the Hal Jons Estate so that the surviving family members benefit directly from all sales. Search on "Hal Jons" to view the series of westerns, and search on "Pit Prop" and "Channel Incident" for the books he published as Harry Graham.