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Bapton Books, a Very Small Imprint for Sound, Solid Works, is the project of the British cultural and political historian GMW Wemyss (who is absent just now, what with cricket and grouse shooting and All That) and the American - Texan - military historian Markham Shaw Pyle (who can't bear to watch the Astros these days and for whom it dang well ain't dove season yet, neighbor). Be it fiction, history, detective stories ... if we like it, we publish it just in case you might like it, too. Mr Wemyss lives quietly in Wiltshire, angling and gardening. Mr. Pyle holds his undergraduate and law degrees from W&L, and lives in Houston, which, he'd like to point out, isn't quiet. Hot, yes, but not quiet. The Brits don't know how lucky they are.