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Matthew J. Blythe

Twenty years ago a series of life changing events inspired Matt Blythe to write "Enlightenment for Beginners" the first of several books, which became the basis for forming his company "Inner Vision" and were the beginnings of his own Enlightenment. At the tender age of 21, as a way of trying to heal his own was life experience and psychology, Matt began making notes which would later be typed up and published into the book you can read here today. Inner Vision Personal Development is a small business and vehicle to make workshops, healing, psychology, books, audio CD's, DVD's, card decks and enlightenment available to all people from all walks of life. If you have written a book in the fields of Self Help, Personal and Spiritual Development, Transformational Psychology, Mind/Body/Spirit or "Something Inspirational" that you would like published with the Inner Vision Press imprint, Matt would also like to hear from you.