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Michael Glinter

Michael Glinter is a professional leadership, staffing, and career consultant.  His vision is based on the personal perspective that any person or program can be branded.  His goal is to help companies, managers, employees, and potential candidates obtain the tools and abilities to brand the abilities, beliefs, skills, and techniques that will drive the success they are trying to achieve. Michael graduated from the University of Florida with dual Bachelors Degrees in Management and Marketing.  His career spans many industries and fields including operations/general management, sales, distribution, customer service, human resources and staffing/recruitment.  The last twelve years Michael has worked for a staffing company as a Vice President where he has sustained the status of the top performer within the company for over a decade.  He is also one of the few elite recruiters in the industry to have exceeded $1M of personal production in a single year without a support staff or team.