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Victor Pana

Who am I? I have often asked myself. But, to me, the question seems to be wrong, and it should sound like this: Who would I have been if I were not my daughter's father? I would have probably been a delinquent, like so many others, or a normal man, with a dull life, who knows only the way to and from the job. And that's because I was not born a genius and I would not have wanted it anyway. So... Who am I? I am the father of my daughter and, for this reason, I am one of the richest men on the earth. Because I have what I wanted and especially how I wanted it. I have the unconditional love of my dear baby girl and she shows me that every day. How many of you feel this daily, hour by hour, minute by minute? Otherwise… I'm just a TV journalist from Bucharest-Romania. If you want to know more about what I've done in the last 20 years and something, I mean nonsenses like career and other things you can find me here: Linkedin: