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Geraldine Murfin-Shaw

Born Valerie Shaw in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire 1941, I have lived in Lancashire since 1982. Like the Cat That Walked By Himself I've led a curious life, following my instincts. I married at 18 and have two children, Diana and Graham, who each have two sons. From a secretarial background I followed my love of food and trained in Catering and Hotel Management at Leeds Polytechnic. Then followed eight years working as a Head Chef in the industry. Following my fourth marriage I underwent a sea-change and began working with tarot, astrology, witchcraft and organic gardening. In 2004 I changed my name to one more suited to a writer. I now live alone with my Patterdale terrier Lola and have been engaged in full time writing since 2008, publishing the books you see here with the aid of the marvellous Lulu! The travel journals, poetry booklets & Retro Cookbook can be purchased direct from my home printer in full colour at sensible prices. Go to for more information