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Nevena Niagolova

Nevena Niagolova is an artist, architect, graphic and web designer, game maker, creativity, crafts, dancing and fun lover. Originally from Bulgaria, she’s been calling Toronto home for many, many years. After her fine arts studies she developed an interest in abstract and interactive art—the possibility for new human connections through creativity and the countless ways space can be an affect. Her fine art work is in the realm of abstract expressionism—she uses intuitive lines and brush-strokes to create spontaneous, layered compositions of expressed emotions. It is playful, dynamic and it draws upon contrasts. She strives to emphasize the ability of abstract art to be interpreted as one wishes—to not be prescriptive, but rather open to questions, dialogues and possibilities. She holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Toronto, studied interaction design at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, and has a BDes in graphic design from OCADU. Alongside her art practice, she finds great satisfaction in her work as an architect.