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Donna M. Kshir and Lee Cougardawn Roberts are the creators/owners of Northern Books Publishing Company. Current writers include Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts, Donna M. Kshir and grandson Hayden, Michael J. Rayner, JC Green, CJ Racine, Bailey Diane Scott, Deana Dixon, James Roberts, Bob Shank, Zachary Woomer, Annette Galloway, Susan Dobbins, Jason K. Lollie, Denise Colvin, Warren Van Gaasbeck, Sharon Young, Joshua Murphy, Maureen Ruhl, Mark A. Palmer, Mary Aguilar and Mashanna Bachuss Waggoner, Patricia McKnight,James Roberts, Jane Alvarez, Terry Rink, Star Myers, Isabelle Esling, Jordashe Kingston, Vincent Tarantella, Terri Hough, Glen ‘Glenie b’ Brooks, John Ruhl, Stephen Miller, Gladys Caroline and Pastor Darick Biondi. If you are interested in joining our writing group, visit our website at: or email us at: [email protected]