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Peter Kilgannon

Oliog is 63 years of age and lives only a minute's stroll, downhill, from the banks of the River Mersey, within swimming distance of the spectacular Liverpool waterfront, the city he loves. Unfortunately he has never been able to swim. All of his published work is also available at Amazon, in both Paperback and e-book formats. He also 'tweets' the occasional Haiku (only Haikus!) on Twitter as 'PKoliog' and offers up extracts of his work on Wattpad under the name of 'oliog1'. He also has a Blog at '' in support of his work but tends to be forgetful about maintaining it ...... apologies! He also has an apparent tendency to speak of himself in the third person which you may find a little annoying, but which I find quite comfortable ....... but on which I am not psychologically dependant!