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Patty James

Patty James CEO, Founder and Life Coach The president and founder of Word Up Ministries, Inc and Universal Word Center, School of Ministry, Patty James insists that to believe is to Be-Lived. Devoted to results rather than reasons, Patty James life sessions on subjects such as: Spirit, Soul, and Body, and the Laws of life deliver impartation that brings absolute results. Countless lives have been impacted. Multiple ministries as well as authors and entrepreneurs have been launched and attribute their inspiration to the mentorship and spiritual warfare training sessions. Traveling internationally for over ten years throughout Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, she has lead hundreds on the journey of a lifetime. Webster defines “prolific” as turning out many products of the mind. Indeed a prolific leader Patty James brings a wealth of diversity, knowledge and experience for every dimension of life. And Jesus said, “Let her alone. . .she hath wrought a good work on me.” Mark 14:6