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Todd McGinnis

Todd McGinnis is a Canadian Playwright and a Master Storyteller who has delighted audiences with crowd-pleasing works across many genres (Comedy, Farce, Historical, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Traditional Stage & Interactive/Alternative Venue). Hilarious, Heart-Warming, Spine-Tingling and Chilling, Todd's works represent an always-satisfying interplay of razor sharp-dialog, deftly woven plots, and subtly subversive structures. Compelling Characters. Intriguing Situations. Complex, heart-wrenching and truly hilarious roles for Women. Whether in performance or as Audition source material for actors, Todd's works are filled with the kinds of Moments and Monologues that win auditions and awards. "Whether you like to make your audience Laugh, Cry, or Shiver in Fear, a Todd McGinnis play grabs them from the outset and doesn't let go... until long after the curtain falls."