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Peter Maxwell Slattery

​Peter Maxwell Slattery is an international bestselling author, speaker, spiritual advisor, and educator who assists seekers with spiritual development, self-discovery, connection to spirit guides, soul family, purpose and finding balance and joy in the earthly experience and the God within. His ability to teach is based on his own experiences and what he has learned from physical and non-physical contact with extraterrestrials, ultra-terrestrials, teachers, and spiritual masters. Pete Slattery is certified/trained in meditation and hatha, kundalini, and tantra Yoga. He is also a Reiki Master and trained in YiGong, QiGong by various teachers, and has a certificate in Counseling. As a facilitator of many eastern disciplines, multidimensional mind, and connecting to the God within, Pete now assists those who seek to awaken the master within. Teaching many worldwide to meditate, remote view, and initiate contact with extraterrestrials has led Pete to create a new center: Jaya Sanctuary in Victoria Australia. Peter Maxwell Slattery can be reached….. Pete has appeared on History Channel's Ancient Aliens and Paranormal Caught On Camera, Channel 7's Prime News, and Sunrise, and many other international television programs. He has made worldwide news, been in numerous documentaries, been written about in magazines, and has been a guest on mainstream radio shows, including Coast-to-Coast.