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Rasha Potter

🎙️ Meet Rasha Potter, AKA Sugar Renee 🎙️ With over 15 years of experience in singing and podcasting, Rasha Potter is a creative force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, she's no stranger to the hustle. 🎤 From recording commercials on a tape stereo at 7 years old to becoming a voice jockey on 88.3 WAIF FM's Teen Talk Live, Rasha's passion for radio and entertainment ignited early on. Her journey eventually led her to graduate from Ohio Media School's digital media marketing program. 📚 As an author, Rasha has been writing for years, and now she's sharing her unique perspective with the world. Her podcast planners and guides will help you on your path to pursuing your passions. Rasha gets it, read her books and thank me later.