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Tim'm West

An undergraduate and graduate student of Philosophy and Literature, Tim’m struggled to find a space to reconcile all the theories he encountered in school with the voices and rhythms of the folk back home. Red Dirt Publishing takes off from this notion of the apostrophe he adopted as part of his “taken” name. In his book “Red Dirt Revival” he references bell hooks in “Letter to Cixous”when he says: “talking back, fighting back, names aren’t supposed to have apostrophes!”. This “hooksean” notion of talking back and telling the truth to save oneself and one’s community is the foundation for Tim’m’s first book—a text mediating the spaces between academia and “Southern fried front porches.” The apostrophe itself symbolizes the bold interruption in language. It is the poor sistah’s colloquial insistence that “don’t” and “do not” mean almost but not quite the same thing, and the former takes less effort to say. Red Dirt Publishing wants to celebrate these ruptures and breaks in language.