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Donald F. Werner

Born and raised in the Christian church, I accepted all the church taught me, hook, line and sinker. At about 40 years of age I attended a major Protest Theologica Seminary. In my senior year I found that there was no way to reconcile Jesus' words with Christian Church Doctrine. So I had to choose between Jesus and the Church, I chose Jesus. Over the next twenty years I became a 'truth seeker' seeking truth from Jesus' word. He said he was to be our only teachers (Matthew 23:10) and I'm fine with that. Since then But since then I have discovered so much that is contrary that is contrary to Church Doctrines. That's what I want to share with all who have an ear to hear. Great deceptions have caused may to fall away for God's saving grace, and some of those even retain a religious life. My books will show you from the Scriptures what those deceptions are and how to avoid them.