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Rod Shipp

Hi guys! This is your favorite author Rod Shipp here! Let me start by welcoming you to my world. As some may know I have been writing for many years, starting at the early age of 10. I have composed several projects ranging from playwrights, novels, and poetry, many of which I have yet to publish. Needless to say this is my passion. This is that thing I can do whether I'm on a beach or a computer desk. I live for it and I really enjoy the reaction I get from those who share a love for my work. I love feedback and want nothing more than to continue providing you all with the best versions of myself as a motivational/inspirational author. I challenge myself to extend the bar higher with each project and hope to bring you guys what you need from reading my books. I am grateful, absolutely grateful, for the opportunity to serve you as an author and give you my word that I will continue providing intriguing and thoughtful elements to your mind as long as I have the ability to do so. Spread the word and let's reach the globe together! Peace and Blessings -Shipp