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Sandy Lo

Sandy Lo is an accomplished author, magazine editor, publicist and dabbling songwriter. Inspired by her experiences in the entertainment industry, Sandy uses music as a common theme in most of her novels, citing her interviews with Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and 30 Seconds To Mars as a form of muse. Sandy Lo was listed as "50 Writers You Should Be Reading" by the Authors Show and both her novels, "Dream Catchers" and its sequel, "Breaking The Moon" were on Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Coming of Age novels. Sandy continues to write novels, involving romance, family, and dreaming big, often relocating to new places to draw off different settings, people and experiences. Originally from New York City, Sandy Lo's novels have brought her to Nashville, The Bahamas, Florida, and eventually the Northwest for a future novel. Sandy is currently writing "Indigo Waters", a story of two rivaling sisters who embark on a wild dolphin expedition for the summer.