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Mary Jane MIller

Books containing collections of Byzantine style icons by the author.Mary Jane Miller is an Iconographer living in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, a person of faith and an artist. She brings into this ancient art form a deep understanding of love for the icon tradition and contemporary Christianity, a modern sensibility of expression. Her books offer the reader a tangible mesmerizing look at visual story telling in the Christian faith. Mary Jane Miller has a wonderful grasp of the egg tempera technique explored through the process of creating her collections. Her books on Icon Painting are spiritual meditation. In Light of Women and The life of Christ are two books filled with challenging theology rediscovered and honored over the past 2,000 years. Her contemporary attitudes and perspectives are documented in classic iconography of Byzantium with a questioning mind and approach to their interpretation. Inquisitive women were around in Christ’s time, listening to His message and learning from Him. Millers writings speak to women of today, those seeking new ways to interpret ancient concepts giving voice to discussion through image, icon teaching and text. Miller's thoughts on the role of woman in Bible stories are insightful, inform Her-story take on Bible history. Those studying Christianity, Art, Iconography, Women's Studies, and of course Book Clubs. web sites and