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Corinne Coster

Corinne Coster has a MSc in counseling and clinical psychology, with published research on dreams and levels of consciousness; and 30 years of experimenting with alternative healing therapies and healing her own ailments through nutrition and energy work. She is a Reiki master, trained in Chi-Nei-Tsang healing technique and is a French Air Force veteran. ---------- She offers coaching sessions: on how to heal oneself from a holistic perspective (mind, body and spirit); and Transform one's fear and harness one's latent power.---------- You can contact her at [email protected] ---------- Corinne also manages the online distribution of Dr. Mandelker's digital books, see below ---------- About Scott Mandelker, Ph.D---- Editor and publisher of the bi-monthly ET Journal, he has presented at numerous New Age conferences, and has appeared on over 70 radio shows. Now based in Taiwan, he offers regular teaching & counseling by Skype. ------- You can contact him at [email protected] ---Website: