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Image of Author Small Business Calendars for 2023

Small Business Calendars for 2023

My name is Adrian Cox-Settles. I am the Author of the poetry book "Be", the creator of over 300 products, and I am the owner of Diverse Interactive Learning Online Tutoring Center/(Math Does Matter LLC). I specialize in Mathematics Education and have been teaching, leading departments, and tutoring for over 20 years. In 2014, I was even named the Teacher of the Year by the National Technical Association for my accomplishments. Outside of teaching as a profession, I have also been a virtual learning coach and a homeschool mom for years. In the transition of my teaching career, my 3 sons have also skipped grades in either preschool or elementary school. That was one of my biggest accomplishments! I grew up in the Lexington Terrace Housing Projects of Baltimore, Maryland, and I am a product of the Baltimore City Public School System. I have spent much of my teaching career educating youth in Baltimore City Public, Charter, Private, and Community College. I know how it feels to struggle academically, and I also know what it takes to be successful. Most of my grit and my tenacity are the byproduct of wanting better for myself, wanting to live a life where I need not worry about food or money. That’s part of the reason I value education so much and I try to help others with theirs. A good education can open the door to so many opportunities and if I can help others with that, then I can potentially be a bright light in their lives helping them in their pursuit of success.