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Sølvin Refvik

Norwegian guitarist and author, having written several books for acoustic and electric guitar with a mix of arrangements of known songs and own composition (as heard on YouTube). Has been editor for many song books and has written books about teaching music in the classroom. Now presenting news for guitarists: Play Acoustic Guitar – PAG Play Acoustic Guitar 1 is a 79 pages book with 35 new songs in classical/jazzy style. You will find all of the PAG songs in it's own playlist on YouTube. I am working on PAG 2 which will have a fingerstyle repertoire. Guitar Collection Series 1–5 – GCS 1-5 In this series you will find one and one guitar piece published with the same cover. Inside the 'book' there is a more 'personal' photo related to music, the sheet music, background information, and finally the back cover page. (Many of these songs you will also find in the PAG book.) Links Please have a listen to 'Pray' by starting the video: