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Image of Author Rebekah Garvin / Teshuvah Ministries, Inc.

Rebekah Garvin / Teshuvah Ministries, Inc.

Starlight Publishing's goal is to produce books and resources that will shepherd the seeker's heart into a ye'da (intimate) relationship with Yehovah Elohim. As allies of Ye'shua, the Messiah and King, we seek to offer books that will guide readers into the healing he promised-healing at the level of the heart. Healing so that we can be fully alive, fully restored, entirely in love with the King, awake and watching, growing in holiness and under the protection of the Marriage Covenant! We want our readers to find permission to escape religious matrices and listen for the Father's voice! So, come along into the adventure as we discover the Epic Story we live in, travel the Narrow Path that will take us to the "Happily-Ever-After" and discover what it is like to walk in rhythm with the living Elohim. May our growing list of books ignite the hunger that resides deep in your soul for more of your one and only sure Provision. And show you HOW to walk in Covenant with your Bridegroom.