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Stella McMillan

Stella McMillan, an Australian author, has written a Series in Two Trilogies - ERA/ERROR of UNDERSTANDING and ERA/ERROR of DISCERNMENT. Past lives and the paranormal are interwoven with the present in a fascinating and tightly-woven, continuing love story spanning three consecutive lifetimes of those involved in these adventures. The stories are told through the eyes of Paula as she begins to time-travel, viewing people and scenes that are familiar to her in 19th. century Australia, 18th century Scotland and in the USA of 20th. & 21st. centuries. Paula's search for understanding and enlightenment takes her, along with her Spirit Guide, to a garden beyond Earth, during her out-of-body experiences. Stella McMillan explores reincarnation as Paula seeks to understand her relationship to Louisa, Charles, Fiona & Alexander in this forever-long love story. FICTION, FACT, FANTASY or PROPHETIC MESSAGES? eBooks Barnes & Noble NOOK>Fiction>Romance iBookstore REVIEWS: