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Stephanie Renee Josiah

Stephanie Josiah (wife, mother of four, author, poet, speaker, owner of INK Babies LLC and Stephy JCreations Inc) is a writer and capturer of deep emotional pain. Writing saved her from an abusive and neglectful home. Writing became a refuge when her family split from a church-turned-cult. Writing was her outlet when one of her twin sons passed away at the age of 3, after battling a life of complications from Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Her writing, her poetry, and her carefully chosen words transcend the pages and force the reader to grapple with his/her/their own feelings. She started out certain in her writing career that she would be a Christian Author... but with time and experience... with the current journey she is on away from childhood trauma... she doesn't want the strict confines of that label. She's an author, an epistolean, a nitwit (constantly upsetting her family of origin's pretentious apple cart.) She's a villain in their story because she finally stepped up to be the hero in her own story and every single hard-earned lesson she's opened up so easily to share with her readers. You're going to feel, you might cry, you may just decide to change, you may just decide to grow and she wants you to know that you have her support!