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Marcos Huerta

My Name is Marcos Alexander Huerta, I am 28 years old, and have been working in healthcare for quite some time now. I started my career as an EMT-basic working several years for a busy 911 company in north Los Angeles county. Eventually I went on to complete paramedic school (2011) and have been working as such ever since. After 8 years in EMS, I like to think I have some wisdom and advice to offer. I'm not an old salty medic, but I know the difference betwen "Bull Shit" and "Oh Shit." After finishing school I realized that only a small percentage of study material was actually covered on block exams. Long story short, I condensed down all the didactic material into one bread and butter study guide. Aside from the gold mine I am offering, I started a website for like minded people in the business. If you find yourself interested go ahead and give my page a vist at and browse around...Enjoy