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Dr. Jonathan C. Smith

Jonathan C. Smith PhD is an international expert on stress, relaxation, and mindfulness; and recently a leader in the critical thinking movement where he thoughtfully exams anti-gay attitudes, pseudoscience, the paranormal, and destructive religiosity. Dr Smith is also devout Founder of the True Word (New Apocalyptic Reformed) Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. "May You be Touched by His Noodly Appendage." Dr. Smith is Out and Open. Grad of Oberlin College, Michigan State University Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Psychology at Chicago's Roosevelt University, founder of its PsyD in Clinical Psyc, Director of the University's Stress Institute, Head of the Pseudoscience and Paranormal Laboratory. Pubs: 20 books, 36 articles. His 2 major books (on mindfulness / relaxation; critical thinking, pseudoscience, and the paranormal) were rated by American Psychological Association reviewers as "the best" in their respective fields. See LINK below. [email protected]