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Born in New Jersey in 82, son of a glass artist and NJ state worker, Neil Enggist found his way towards art quietly obeying inner music. He studied painting in St. Louis and Florence, read mystical poetry and went to many Dylan shows. In 04, he went to New Mexico and started painting with the storms and heard the dialogue of nature, poetry and painting. With heavy oil materials and Kerouac’s Desolation Angels, he crisscrossed Europe, coming back to NJ/NY with more focus on cultivating a meaningful abstract identity. But then in 07 he went west again and returned staggering down from the Bronx one evening and started to write ’21 to Midnight’ on a bench in Harlem. Traveling light in India 08 and 09, Enggist embarked on the work ‘Destiny Playing’. After escaping NYC 2010, he joined folk singer Mississippi Gann on a 2 month journey across America, painting onsite, writing, photographing and singing old songs ending up in San Fransisco.