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Suzanne Uzzell

Suzanne E. Uzzell Native New Yorker attended Herbert H. Lehman College and graduated with a B.A. in 2001. She is married to Husband Jahi J. Uzzell who serves in the United States Air Force. She is an Air force Spouse who currently resides in Maryland . She relocates every 3 to 4 years and enjoys traveling and living in new places. Suzanne is the Author of five Books Self Published Newest Book I Shall Not Want, Treasure Your Marriage by Cherishing Your Spouse, Reach Out And Touch , Words 2 Ignite the Soul and first book written Chosen Words which are on She hopes to inspire and captivate her audience. Suzanne is grateful and thanks God for allowing her to complete this endeavor. Feel free to preview her books and purchase what you want to read. Author Suzanne E. Uzzell thanks you for your support in advance. Also visit these sites Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo etc. ~~~~~~~ Guest Author Heather M. Stewart - she is the sister to Suzanne and she is the Author of her First book Published Pieces From My Heart which is a collection of poems from a variety of inspirational thoughts and expressions from within her heart and soul. Feel free to purchase her books in Paperback and Ebook/epub here on Lulu, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and many more sites. ~~~~~~~ Guest Artist Carolyn F. Uzzell-She is the Mother in Law to Suzanne and she is the Artist/Author of her First Book Published Art For the Soul which is a collection of her Art work in ebook & Hard Paperback on Lulu.