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Christopher P Nokio

From a family steeped in the traditions of print and publishing, Christopher P. Nokio, the writer’s pen name, has been writing most of his adult life. Short stories, long stories and short plays were his secret indulgence. Fast forward the years and a short list of his ventures includes, writing romance stories, writing sports editorials and producing shows for television and radio. In 2009 he won a First Time Author’s award from the National Library and Information System (NALIS) for his book, “A Man’s Guide to Good Cheating…What Most Men Want to Know…But What ALL Women Should Know” and he is a double award winner for Feature Film Screnwriting from the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company For screenplays , “Perfect” and “Robinson’s Cruesoe”. Christopher is now a full time freelance writer, television and radio producer, Film Script consultant and Narrative Doctor, freelance advertising copywriter and one of two male contributing writers for the Sunday Express Women’s Magazine.