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Image of Author Raw Earth Ink and tara caribou

Raw Earth Ink and tara caribou

RAW EARTH INK is a small house publishing company dedicated to, and passionate about, publishing indie authors. Specializing in high quality end products with integrity and honesty, Raw Earth Ink seeks to create a book the writer can be extremely proud of by working closely with each individual on whatever level of design they desire. Whether it's starting from scratch without any idea where to begin or a well-seasoned veteran looking for a creative wall to bounce ideas off of. WILD BADGER BOOKS, an imprint of Raw Earth Ink, seeks to provide high quality picture books for both children and nature lovers alike. Editor, artist, and author TARA CARIBOU is a crunchy neo-hippie who flourishes in the wilds of rural Alaska. She allows her love of nature to drive her inspiration and peace. You can find her writing and creating from the heart barefoot on the beach or deep in the woods. Read her work on her website,