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Joshua Home Edwards

"Oh My God in Heaven, Joshua, I am astounded at your book of prayers. It is heartwarming, joyful, tearful, heart wrenching...Honey, this book is a winner! Thank you sooo much. Hugs and more hugs," Myrna W. Florida It is an honor for me to receive such a great review and it is this feeling of being saturated with Gratitude that I offer as you explore how this book series can serve your purpose. One way to "win a little lottery" here is to copy and paste my interview with the Followers of the Way radio show: This program provides a meditation where you can begin RECEIVING an experience of exponential appreciation while learning more about my whole story. My vision is to co-author an audiobook with someone from all 201 countries and contribute %10 of our proceeds to Plant a Billion Trees through Would that be fun for you? If so, you can contact me at: [email protected]