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Nikie Piper

Nikie Piper is an accredited coach, journaling therapist and Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer. She has first-hand experience creating her life with her thoughts, using the power of journaling, gratitude, and intention to do so. Nikie is on a mission, using one of the most powerful tools known, to create change. Her mission is to empower you in the Art and Soul of Journaling®. To create exactly what your SOUL wants, to make your HEART sing every day and your EYES sparkle with excitement. To use the process of creating your own wonderful, awesome life and then to support you in getting it! Nikie is the owner and founder of the company The Art and Soul of Journaling® Ltd. through which she now guides, teaches, and empowers others in changing their ‘traditional’ thinking habits through proven processes, online programs, live events and books – proving that thoughts really do become things! Her talents also include designing and creating journals and teaching others how to bring their ideas to life. Nikie not only shows us, but teaches us about the power of journaling, her experience in using journaling, not only as a way out of her depression and personal struggles, but also as a way in which to create her own dream life, gives inspiration and reassurance to others that somehow, the reader can do this for themselves as they realise some of Nikie’s life path is perhaps some of their own. You can find out more at