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Paul Schofield

Paul Schofield has been researching paranormal phenomena for 39 years. His investigations, conducted in a scientific manner, have led him to a long association with the medium Paul Hutton and together they have produced the series of 'Spiritual Channeling' and 'Circle' books containing guidance along the spiritual pathway, channeled from a spiritual guide who gave his name as 'Chi' Paul spent his working life as an Air Traffic Control systems engineer, Flight Trials Manager, and ATC Consultant. Paul Hutton, the medium, started his working life as a precision engineer, and later founded his own business as a designer boatbuilder, subsequently becoming skipper of his own commercial fishing vessel, and successfully supporting his family from the fruits of the sea for many years. He has been aware of his psychic abilities since childhood, attended development circles since 1992 and is a practising medium.